About Us

About Us

Re-connecting the dots



Create and promote business, art & sports with an outbraking point of view.


We believe in limitless & sustainability. Re-connecting the dots & re-engineering the system.


We were born in 2018 by César López as a result of a global demand for new business models. Sustainability, Dynamic, Creative & multicultural working under management 3.0.


Projects in more than 5 countries. Empowering our partners to achieve the goals & unleash their best versions.

What does mean Mazaju

The company name is based on the expression “One Mazaju”. It’s complicated to know the origin of the word, but probably It could be related to mazahua indigenous group that lives in the state of Mexico and Michoacán. The Mazahua people have preserved their cultural expressions through the Mazahua language, oral tradition, music, dance and crafts; their way of dressing, their vision of the world and their ritual and religious practices, which have been transmitted from one generation to the next.
Mazaju means resilience, roots & adaptability to change … One the main characteristics of the Galicians historically considered one the biggest emigrants from Spain.

Our Team

We work hard for your success

Founder & CEO

César López

César is an entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist and circular economy leader. Set-up projects in 5 countries. Techy & Ironman challenger.


Fashion & Trends


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Art & Music

Affani Rabie

Affani is a concept artist, music record producer & DJ.He runs the record label, LCLUB, which was founded in 1999. Cat lover & melómano.

Sports & Coaching

Ronny Landaeta

Ronny is a multidisciplinary champion in contact sports: Boxing, MMA, Kick Boxing & Jiu Jitsu. European EBU & IBF Boxing Champion. Top 50 of the world. Food Lover & Salsa dancer.

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